Orca Browser

2012 Build 3

Super-fast web browser with dozens of features


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In a land dominated by Internet Explorer, browsers like Firefox, Opera, Safari, or Chrome battle amongst themselves to steal the seat of honor from the Microsoft browser.

Now we need to to add another contender to this lot of browsers: Orca Browser, which aims to establish itself as a serious alternative to the main web browsers.

Its strong point is that it loads web pages incredibly fast, thanks to its engine based on Gecko, the same one used by Firefox. Like its Mozilla counterpart, its performance is excellent, managing memory consumption quite efficiently.

Among the dozens of features Orca Browser incorporates by default, highlights include the option to sync all your browser data in an online profile; autocomplete; popup and ad blocker; RSS reader; mouse gestures; and extension support, meaning you can further augment the application's list of features.